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While on the way home from breakfast with my daughter, Isis, at Denny’s, and a quick stop off to walk around a Toys ‘R Us, I started noticing police officers from all different towns and counties of Florida at every intersection up and down State Road 7/441 here in South Florida, Palm Beach and Broward counties.

Eventually, I found myself stuck at a light in what became a parking lot when the police effectively shutdown the roadway. After about 10 minutes of being stopped police vehicles started going North on the roadway escorting a funeral procession. This procession went on for about another 10 minutes before it ended. A few minutes later we were allowed to start moving again.

This seems like a very dangerous precedent, allowing police to effectively shutdown roadway for funeral processions, instead of just controlling traffic, far in advance of the beginning of the procession. Additionally, there was no notification to the public either in the form of advanced information that the roadway would be closed off, as what happens in the case of parades, or signage explaining what was going on and detours, if available, to take.

While waiting for the procession many of us got out of our cars. While conversing with some of the other drivers I received information that I have yet to verify making it sound like this officer died of his own negligence.

Personally, I am very dismayed by this incident and hope that it does not happen again. It seems like an extreme waste of resources and was done ineffectively. On top of the Public Relations departments of the towns, counties, police, and fire/rescue departments not advising the public in an appropriate manner, I’m also upset by the wear and tear and possible fuel usage, used on government vehicles related to the event, in addition to the wear and tear, potential fuel usage and infuriation created by the lose in personal time on a Sunday.