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Recently I had someone contact me about receiving an error message from a Joomla installation. The receiving the following error:

Error creating data base: Table ‘myjoomladatabase.v96bu_menu’


After some research I found the issue was a combination of:

1) Joomla’s table creation statements do not include a storage engine.

2) The MySQL server is defaulted to utilize the “InnoDB” storage engine.


When trying to create the “_menu” table manually I received the following from MySQL:

ERROR 1709 (HY000): Index column size too large. The maximum column size is 767 bytes.

This can be remedied easily by either:

 1) Adding “SET default_storage_engine=MYISAM;” to the top of any sql files creating tables in the installation.
 2) Adding ” STORAGE ENGINE=MYISAM ” to each table creation statement where the table will not create.
In looking at Joomla’s website I have yet to find any easy way to contact anyone without registering for their website first. I would suggest they change their table creation statements to include a storage engine as follows:


Joomla can be found at

MySQL can be found at